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Your fuzzy angel wolf ^.~
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Helloes i'm gay angel wolf with blonde hair and blue eyes, i like meeting new people and making freinds so don't hesitate to talk to me okay? ^.^

My best freind irl and online is Binflaggle, you can find her on furaffinity too, look her up, she's awesome.

i live in england, yep i'm a britfur

if we have to go into certain details, i am into vore, micro/macro stuffs, Fursuit, footpaws, pretty much most things, but definately NOT into pregnancy, inflation, fat furs or watersports, they creep me out a bit.

i like Hy00mans if they are nice to me, any anti-furs can get the fuck out of my site i don't want any trouble

Freel free to cuddle me, i don't bite, and if i do its only because i love you ^.^

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life