The banned episoded of cow and chicken

Okay was lookin around and YAY i found them
rather than type myself i am just going to copy and paste from wikipedia:

A single episode titled "Buffalo Gals" was banned due to its content. Because of the innuendo implying that the Buffalo Gals are lesbians (the carpet calling card Cow uses to find The Buffalo Gals, Mom's line "It's the Buffalo Gals, a biker group that randomly breaks into people's houses and chews on their carpet," the name of one of the bikers is "Munch Kelly", the Buffalo Gals play softball and talk about "pitching" and "catching"), Cartoon Network only aired "Buffalo Gals" once, and since then it was replaced with "Orthodontic Police".

i couldn't find the full episode of this but will show you the sample of it

seriously i lold my ass off XD

and this one was banned because the red guy was called the devil and lured chicken into hell with cigaretes because chicken smoked (yeah dumb reason)

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Happy vallentines day All


Happy vallentines day to all my livejournal buddies

may it be filled with love and hopefully in binflaggle's case "freaky labcoat sex"

*runs around hugging and kissing you all*

so i leave you all with this video that is not only festive but rather amusing, well i think so anyway

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Made this for you too Binflaggle <3

yeah the music is a big negative but the pics say it all i think ^.^, i picked the song because i liked it heck if you don't like it then you can shoot me. its one of those funky slideshow widgets, not sure if it will work but i'm gunna give it a shot

if not you can link to it here:

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Is back, YAYNESS

lol i havent been on here for over a year so i guess it was time to update

alot has happened

i now know for sure i am a gay

i have found out i am a furry

and erm ... i dunno XD

so goodbye sexy butts